11 2nd Street – Virtual Walk through


If you can’t see the condo prior to signing a lease agreement, the following photos and videos provide a virtual walk through.  Enjoy!

Entrance Sequence

One enters the apartment through a short entry sequence: a small gardened area off of 2nd Street, a wooden door into the common lobby, a glass security door, an interior lobby with a shelf for packages, three sets of stairs (2 small sets, one longer set), and then a small hallway to the condo.  The whole sequence works well with a bike.  An elevator is also available.


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Apartment Interior

One typically enters the condo, and walks down the hall into the living and dining space.  The kitchen is then on your left, in back of the fireplace.  (Sorry the images are a little dark.  It feels brighter in person.)

As soon as you enter the apartment, the small bedroom is behind a folding door on your left.  This is followed by the bathroom, linen closet, and larger clothes closet.  A second dresser is available to be added to the clothes closet.

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